Grinchmas for iPhone and iPod Touch gets reviewed

It’s Christmas time and thus out comes the Grinch to play, this time on the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch, and what’s more there is actually two versions of Grinchmas according to an article over on intomobile.

The versions mean the player can either be a nice Grinch or a nasty Grinch, and if the iPhone user opts to be a good Grinch they get to throw coloured presents which match the colour of nearby houses, while if they opt for the nasty Grinch they pelt noisy houses at night time with snowballs.

Throwing and aiming is achieved via the speed and direction the user swipes their iPhone screen which adds a certain difficult to Grinchmas for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

On playing Grinchmas the guys found faster swiping delivers a snowball machinegun effect but landing the correct coloured present with the correct coloured house was more difficult.

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