Poll: Is this really the new Apple iPhone 4G?

Mounting online suggestions and speculation around Apple’s unconfirmed new edition of the iPhone aka iPhone 4G is that it is reportedly already in the testing stages.

A report from MacRumours, an iPhone app dubbed iBart assists in helping users find there way around San Francisco’s train network is being employed on a hitherto unseen model of the Apple handset. The developer of iBart told the site that he has in fact seen device signatures in usage analysis that read 3.1.

The previous 3GS version of the phone indecently employed the identifier 2.1. Adding to the speculation is that the signatures supposedly stem from the Cupertino area of San Francisco where of course Apple’s headquarters are situated.

Comments from Apple have left us with no confirmation as to whether it will be bringing a new mobile phone to the market or how if at all the device will differ from previous iPhones. However it is likely that it would appear in June, in keeping with previous launch dates of the handset.

Source – top10.co.uk

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