Poll: iPhone Verizon termination fees, will it be lowered?

Many of you may be wondering if the iPhone Verizon termination fees will be lowered and will the FCC get involved if they do not lower it? Two great questions that really do need answering, what do you think?

InfoWorld has asked a very good question, which is “How Will Verizon Defend Higher Early Termination Fees on the Apple iPhone?” and they say that the $350 fee will be in fact lowered before there is an FCC inquiry.

Verizon will have to come up with something to say to the FCC seeing as the FCC already have started an investigation into such lower ETF charged previously. Answers apparently need to come in by December 17 and a letter also mentioned Verizon being questioned as to how it discloses information about its fees to potential customers.

Verizon’s ETF increased from $175 to $350 which is effective as of Nov. 15 could Verizon fight for its fee increase in another question. Please vote below using our poll system as we would love to know what you think.

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