Video: Dragon Dictation for the iPhone

Now here’s a handy little app for the iPhone which allows the iPhone user to dictate into the iPhone whatever they want, of course as the iPhone doesn’t support multitasking you have to dictate the text into the app directly and then use copy and paste to place it into IM or email and such.

The app is from a company known as Nuance, and the iPhone application is called “Dragon Gate” and turns your speech to text which is a really cool technology.

So how does it work? Well the application records snippets of speech and then once you have finished dictating you simply hit “Done” and wait a couple of seconds for Dragon Dictation to translate those words into text.

But rather than me trying to explain it all we have a video demo for your viewing pleasure courtesy of intomobile which can be located below.


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  1. Dave Clarke says:

    It’s called Dragon Dictation and it’s only available in the US. Thats what i’ve heard anyway. An app called Dragon Gate doesn’t exist.

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