RIM and Palm quarterly results this side of Christmas 2009

RIM (Research In Motion) and Palm is to try and put through its quarterly results this side of Christmas 2009, both of these handset makers will make strong sales growth for the holidays.

The smartphone market is very strong indeed at the moment and will only get stronger and these two companies have already sacrificed pricing and profit margins to keep smartphone sales competitive, the market is growing with new devices featuring the Android operating system and of course the new platform from Palm and not forgetting a more widespread market for the iPhone.

Palm and RIM is to be revealing its results in a report on Thursday, Dec. 17 according to Investors.com, this new report will detail sales results through the end of November. Revenue growth for RIM is expected to be in the region of $3.8 billion which means it will be up 37% from the same period last year, and $1.04 per share.

Palm revenue is in the region of $265.7 million which means it would be up 39% from the same period last year, but expect losses of around 32 cents a share compared to 73 cents in the year-ago period. For more information please read over on Investors.com