iPhone 3GS Battery Replacement now available

Need your iPhone 3GS battery replacing? No problem as milliamp.com has now announced they can sort that for you, as they can now replace the battery in the iPhone 3GS according to a release by prweb.

Milliamp.com has apparently been replacing batteries in iPhones and iPods for approximately 5 years, and now they are also able to offer their battery replacement service to owners of the iconic iPhone 3GS.

Unlike the original iPhone 2G, the iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS battery isn’t soldered in so one would presume it would be easier to replace but apparently it takes a “special talent” to safely open and service.

Apparently the iPhone 3GS battery is slightly different to the iPhone 3G battery and thus not interchangeable, and milliamp.com guarantees their iPhone 3GS batteries for 10 years and replacements are usually performed within a few days of receiving your iPhone handset.

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