Time for another iPhone 4th Gen on way

Here we have yet another iPhone rumor, we love them don’t we? Remember Foxcomm yes that is the company that actually makes the iPhone.

And yes the same Foxcomm that made headlines when a Chinese employee committed suicide following some strong accusations of stealing an Apple iPhone prototype. Apparently Foxcomm have received an order from Apple to manufacture the fourth generation iPhone.

If you want insider information then the man in the know is none other than Mobile Reviews Eldar Murtazin. The main difference this time is that the leak came in the form of a small 140 character tweet.

Lets assume then that Foxcomm begins making the iPhone now, then the launch date we would expect to be around the middle of 2010. This is the same time as the 3GS was announced back in the middle of 2009. Source – techtree.com

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