Sales of iPhone in China not hot

Apple finally launched the iPhone in China almost two months ago, amidst much fanfare. The second largest mobile operator in China, China Unicorn was the chosen carrier for Apple.

Moving forward on to December now, we have some sales figures for the iPhone in China which sadly tell a very distressing story. In a country of over 1.3 billion population, Apple has only managed to sell 100,000 handsets.

The operator China Unicorn boasts a 140 million user base but not even a small fraction of those users seem interested in getting an iPhone for themselves. Some would think that figures of some 100,000 units in just two month isn’t actually that bad.

Sadly though that isn’t the case, in a massive market such as China the sales figures are very far from being encouraging. One of the factors could just be plain and simple affordability, as a large percent of China Unicorn subscribers are simply unable to afford the steep price of an iPhone. Source – techtree.com


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  1. Federico says:

    Third week of november sales were less than 10K. Unicom ctarted advertising blitz on the 17th. Two weeks later more than 100K sold. Could it be daily sales are picking up and approaching 10K?

    Happened in Japan. Abysmal sales initially then boom, 1 million sold in 3 months.

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