xPhone a Future Danger to the iPhone? (video)

So what is the xPhone and is it an iPhone killer? Well apparently if it did actually exist then yes the xPhone would probably blow the iPhone out of the water and apparently the xPhone is all the rage on YouTube at the moment.

Apparently the nonexistent xPhone was a graduation project by one 25 year old computer graphics designer in Germany known as Martin Fischer who apparently hacked together the xPhone video in three days.

And yes we have said xPhone video for your viewing entertainment below courtesy of the guys over at gearlog which can be viewed below and lasts just over three minutes, however I do have to say that the commentary is in German.

Still even without understanding the commentary you get to see the possibilities of what could be the xPhone, although it’s not real and undoubtedly never will be, good for a laugh though when you see it print paper that’s a lot larger than the phone itself and of course a 48 megapixel camera, but sorry no future iPhone killer.

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