Nokia 5235 stripped down version of 5800 without XpressMusic

Nokia recently revealed the Nokia 5235 Comes with Music smartphone which we mentioned a couple of days ago here, well we thought we would recap you on this cheaper stripped down version of the 5800 without XpressMusic.

This new Nokia handset which will be releasing in the first quarter of 2010 has been scaled down a lot compared to the Nokia 5800 smartphone and is pretty much similar to that of the Nokia 5230 handset, the Nokia 5235 is a music based phone that will be loved by music listeners because it is a cheap mobile phone.

You will be able to receive unlimited free songs from the Nokia Music Store and you will also love the fact that the Nokia Ovi player will allow you to manage music and ripping and of course buying songs straight through the player.

The main features on the 5235 includes: 3.5mm audio jack, 3.2-inch display, microSD slot supporting up to 16GB cards, 33 hours of continuous music after one charge, 2 megapixel camera and plenty more.

The question is “Will you opt for the cheaper Nokia 5235 or will you still want the Nokia 5800?”

Source — T3


2 thoughts on “Nokia 5235 stripped down version of 5800 without XpressMusic”

  1. vorloc says:

    I have 5800 nav…

    Now I feel, i shouldn’t have bought it, and instead could have waited for 5235…

    What do u think?, I mean, all apps will work on 5325 too…

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