Videos: Android Motorola Opus One iDEN Captured

It would appear that Motorola’s iDEN Android handset, the rumoured Opus One for Sprint Nextel does indeed exist and several videos have turned up on YouTube giving some hands-on time along with details, although said videos have already apparently be taken down.

However, thanks to the guys over at intomobile, who had the foresight to snag them before they were removed we have said videos for your viewing pleasure below; four of them in total in fact.

Apparently the unreleased Motorola Android Opus One was stolen from Florida’s South Beach, videoed and posted to YouTube for all to view and said videos deliver a walkthrough of the Opus One’s video camera, Android applications, and push to talk features.

Apparently the Motorola Opus One is destined for the Sprint Nextel network and maybe Boost Mobile, carries the “p1_opusone” name under its battery cover, and will pack Android 1.5 Cupcake operating system. So don’t delay hit up those videos and see what you think.

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