FCC Clears Palm Pixi with CDMA for Verizon

The guys over at engadget have been doing their usual snoop the FCC thing and have apparently spotted a new Palm Pixi version in the offering with looks to be destined for the Verizon Wireless network over in the states.

If appears the FCC has now cleared a CDMA version of the Palm Pixi which means Sprint could soon be seeing some rivalry on the Palm Pixi coming their way.

Sprint’s Palm Pixi version is P120EWW, while the new version is P121EWW, and what’s more is this CDMA Palm Pixi sports some 802.11b/g WiFi which seems to be a one up on the Sprint Pixi.

No word just when we are likely to see the Palm Pixi hit the Verizon airwaves though, but at least it will give the Palm faithful another option for the webOS toting smartphone.

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