Nexus One Google Support Page Now Online

The roller coaster ride on all things Google and Nexus One is rolling along the net news waves today and the latest comes from cellpassion who report that the Google Support page for the new Nexus One has now gone online.

Of course at this stage of the game the Nexus One support page is still under construction, but it appears it will be search based support more than a usual frequently asked questions type support and can be found at http://www.google.com/support/nexsusone, although there isn’t much to see just yet.

Word has it there is also another Google support page in the pipeline which will be for Android handsets and will be at http://www.google.com/support/android, again not much to see as yet though when I checked.

So one wonders what the next bit of new with the Google Nexus One will be to hit the net waves, but whatever it is we will of course bring whatever we find to you.


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  1. nexus 1 owner says:

    I have just recently bought a nexus 1, and I do major research before i buy a big ticket item. I can tell you that i bought one despite all the nagative rumors surrounding the phone because i could simply returen it if i was not happy, well i am very happy with phone. All the complaints have foucused on poor 3g reception, I have EXCELLENT RECEPTION where i live, i found the phone to be everything that google said it was going to be and more. I have friends that have iphones and i have been able to use them, I think that the nexus 1 is just as good as the iphone if not better is some aspects. The nexus

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