On the horizon iPhone OS 3.1.3

Great news for all you iPhone users and fanatics out there, it looks like iPhone OS 3.1.3 may be just around the corner and maybe more importantly the second major update is rumoured to be in the testing stage already.

iPhone 4.0 is apparently being tested already, although exact details are pretty scarce at the moment but this leaked information comes from BGR’s logs as detailed in the picture.

We don’t at the moment have a clue as to what the iPhone OS 4.0 will feature, by taking some ideas from the recent iPhone apps featured the latest being Fring and Knocking live), we expect that native video calling support could be one of them.

Lets not forget one of the top requests made by iPhone users which is of course multitasking, and probably high on the list is a better way to manage battery life, without having to shut down push notification. To find out more visit pmptoday.com

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