T-Mobile support for Google Nexus One Rumored

It has been published earlier today that Google would work T-Mobile to be able to provide support
For the phone. That’s according to Peter Kafka.

More often than not carriers don’t provide that service for unlocked phones, and that has in turn caused a serious problem so far for the unlocked devices. For some clarification T-Mobile also means GSM, if you were in any doubt about that.

It isn’t quite clear yet just how carriers will react to Google’s decision to go all Rambo on selling the devices directly to the public and it also isn’t clear what if any their interest is.

T-Mobile is in a weaker position than other carriers, so I suppose it will try to be Google’s friend for now at least. It has also been said that Google would have to sell a significant number of phones to get AT&T to join in. it is expected that AT&T will stay away from this game for a while and just observe T-Mobile. Source – ubergizmo.com

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