10 Million iPhones to sell in this quarter

The steam train that is the iconic iPhone continues to roll along at an immense pace, a locomotive that I doubt even the Nexus One will be able to slow down and catch, as according to an article over on the BGR a Taiwanese market research company say that due to an unexpected increase in iPhone 3GS sales shipments of Taiwan’s integrated circuits are exploding.

Apparently the info is based upon supply chain analysts, Market Intelligence and Consulting Institute foresees Apple will shift a record 10 million iPhone handsets during this current quarter as opposed to the 7.4 million iPhone handsets sold in the previous quarter.

Thus it would appear that the popularity and worldwide sales of the king of smartphones continues to increase, furthering the gap between itself and other smartphones.

One wonders if a smartphone such as the Nexus One once it gets rolling will be able to lay claim to such sales and popularity as the iPhone, one can only wait and see.

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