Nexus One will be more popular than iPhone says poll

Well apparently the new Google Android Nexus One is already set to become more popular with ordinary folk than the Apple iPhone according to an article over on velti who gain their info from a poll run by OneNewsPage.com.

Apparently of those surveyed 77% of respondents believe that the new Android offering would beat Apple’s iPhone, although I do have to say here that there is no mention of just how many were involved in this poll.

Apparently the editor at Stuff Magazine, Fraser MacDonald agrees with the surveys findings and has commented that “the software backing Android really is a viable alternative to the iPhone.”

The reason for this is because Android can do the multitask thing while the iPhone can’t, well that is the iPhone can’t run multiple programs simultaneously at the moment, but what’s stopping Apple from making it so in reply to the Nexus One?

Then there is of course the iPhone App Store to consider which delivers an abundance of applications to the iPhone whereas the Android Market is still way behind in quantity and has a long way to go to catch up. So will the Nexus One be more popular than the iPhone, what do you think?


5 thoughts on “Nexus One will be more popular than iPhone says poll”

  1. Ronda says:

    > well that is the iPhone can’t run multiple
    > programs simultaneously

    Huh? The iphone *ALWAYS* has had multitasking. But only Apple’s apps use it.

    Countless other apps… can still give you needed, real-time info… *WITHOUT* even running in the background.

  2. gabe says:

    It cost Apple $178 to produce the Iphone, (not counting software developments advertising costs, shipping cost and other miss. expenses.) they sell it to
    ATT for over $500 -nice profit! by comparison you can get an Itouch for $180$ !!! It must cost Apple at least $130 to produce – and the profit margin here are very small.
    Google new phone Nexus one will cost Google about the same therefore they can sell it at cost for $200 – to $250 ! Google doesn’t need to make money on the hardware!
    What most analyst missed is the true cost of the phone- its not $500 and Google does not need the telcos to subsidize the phone for them. Yes they need the telcos to provide a data access
    but without the need to recoup the cost of the phone subsidy the telcos can offer an all data plan for allot less than with. Imagine a google phone with VOIP TOIP and unlimited e mail and internet for about
    $30 ! compare it to a Verizon all you can eat plan @ $135. Yes I can see the Nexsus One dominating the Iphone, and the Applications will follow the eyeballs.

  3. Checkmate says:

    Right, I mean all programs do what they’re supposed to without running. I mean why run a program at all? They just go do whatever without even running…???

  4. Mark says:


    iPhone does a lot of things very well but multitasking is rather limited. On Android, I could be listening to streaming musics via pandora, getting turn-by-turn voice navigation directions, updating all my apps from the Market (Android’s App Store), and browsing the web at the same time. When an email, sms, or IM comes in, I am not disturbed by a dialog. Snippets of it roll across the top bar. I can see all the notifications by pulling down the “window shade” down. If I don’t care for it, I just keep doing whatever I am doing. But suppose I want to reply to an email, I tap on the email msg, write my reply, hit the back key and I am back at the browser.

  5. I think that the main barrier to the Nexus One’s popularity is that it’s NOT AVAILABLE IN THE UK YET? I don’t understand what Google are doing…. Surely the sluggish sales figures (nothing like the iPhone in comparision) in conjunction with this survey demonstrating it’s potential, should encourage them to get it out soon?

    I understand that the whole support thing has been an issue thus far, and I personally would like to see something worked out with HTC, but that’s just me. I’d still rather be able to get the phone from a provider, or direct from Google, in the UK!