$22000 Mobile Phone Bill Verizon Christmas Present?

A mobile phone bill through your letter box just before Christmas that has a figure of a whopping $21,917 worth of charges is enough to ruin anyone’s Christmas, but that’s what one dad received from Verizon Wireless.

According to an article over on the examiner, dad, Ted Estarija did expect his wireless bill to rise after adding his son to his plan, however apparently the 13 year old boy downloaded 1.4 million kilobytes of data and as the plan didn’t cover data usage his dad got the bill.

Fortunately though, Verizon Wireless investigates cases of exceptionally large bills and has agreed to credit Estarija’s account for the entire amount, and Estarija has now suspended his boy’s account.

So when you decide to place your child onto your wireless plan make sure you know just what they are doing and how much data usage they are using.


One thought on “$22000 Mobile Phone Bill Verizon Christmas Present?”

  1. Sue says:

    That is incredible. They should have tried Straight Talk packages $45 monthly Unlimited and $30 monthly All you need. Straight Talk runs on Verizons network so you still get the great coverage. The Unlimited has unlimited data, minutes and messages while All you need is a great 1000 minutes 1000 messages and 30mb data.

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