Google Countdown Could This Be Nexus One Release?

If you hit up Google.com and then click on their I’m Feeling Lucky button you are taken to a Google page that is running a countdown, which when I clicked it, it was at 13312000, apparently this is rumoured to be a countdown to the New Year.

However, what if it isn’t a countdown to the New Year but rather a Countdown to the release of the new Google Nexus One smartphone?

I’m not that good at mathematics to work out whether the amount of “seconds” works out at midnight December 31 2009, so really this is just speculation, but it could be a countdown to the Nexus One, and there’s nothing on the page that says it’s a countdown to anything else.

So what do you think, countdown to New Year or to the arrival of the Nexus One, if you do the maths be sure to drop us a comment in out comment section below.


11 thoughts on “Google Countdown Could This Be Nexus One Release?”

  1. Jim says:

    I just did the calc. It is a countdown to the new year, but it could be for Nexus One as well. We shall see.

  2. Dan says:

    Did the math and the current count down number works out to 30 days…so Dec 16th + 30 days is not Jan 1.

  3. Bob says:

    It’s the New Year. Change your computer clock to Dec 31, 11:59PM and watch the last 60 seconds count down…

  4. Pedro Costa says:

    I believe it is the countdown until the winter solstice, wich will happen on the next 22nd December. Forget the secons counting: devide the total number by 24 (the number of hours of the day). The result is aproximately around 5 days left. Then search on the net what is connected to the 22nd december.

    Pedro Miguel Mendes da Costa

  5. E says:

    By My calculations today Dec 20th at 6 22, pm, the number will give 6 days and 7 hours, which is not xmass neither new years eve, hence must be the end of the world, or some joke Google is playing :), nexus one will be nice since I can’t wait top get my hands in one of them after a huge disappointment with the cliq, so please release to the public and then call me when the end of the world is approaching. 🙂

  6. Martin says:

    No, it IS New Years eve, seconds till your computer clock hits 12:00 a.m. of 1/1/2010. Do what Bob said.

    It’s not hard math. Divide the current number by 60 so you get the minutes, again by 60 to get the hours and by 24 to get the days.

  7. Aaron says:

    Calculation for the lazy using Google Calculator. Type in the seconds x as “x seconds in days”. For that matter convert it to nanoseconds, microseconds, hours, weeks, months, years, etc…

    890800 seconds in days

    890 800 seconds = 10.3101852 days