4G will go beyond the smartphone

Without a doubt when talking about 4G one associates it with the smartphone, and the smartphone is probable the number one driver for 4G mobile global rollout; however according to an article over on internet evolution, some of the most critical 4G deployments won’t be smartphones.

In the enterprise game most business workers now use a smartphone such as BlackBerry; wireless operators are aware that enterprises will more than likely use 4G services for their tablet computers, netbooks and laptop and not just their smartphone.

A recent enterprise survey states that 88% of 277 enterprises said that they were “very likely” to increase their worker’s access to key apps when 4G speeds are available.

The article says the problem with smartphones is their screen size, most enterprises surveyed have said a 10 inch screen is enough and a 4 inch simply isn’t; and so with 4G delivering new applications worker will do more on compact computing platforms rather than on their smartphone due to the smallness of their display.

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