Two Nokia devices to be released with Swype touchscreen typing technology

Knocking out that text message or email on your mobile phone can at times be quite difficult, such as hitting the wrong key or hitting the same key twice; I know I often do it and I have a full slide out QWERTY, so it’s not just a problem with virtual keyboards.

However, according to an article over on noknok, Nokia realises this issue and has thus invested in tech firm Swype who are working on some tech that just may solve this typing issue for many of us who have clumsy thumbs.

Swype’s touch screen tech enables the user to type up to 40 words per minute by “intelligently guessing” which word you are typing and apparently will improve speed typing once the tech has been finalised.

According to reports the word is Nokia just may push out two Nokia devices sporting Swype touch screen typing technology sometime in 2010, although there is no word on which Nokia devices that may be.

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