Apple iPhone 4G 2010: Toshiba 64GB NAND flash memory

In the mobile arena, Toshiba are probably best known for their memory chips, and apparently according to an article over on engadget, Toshiba has now announced a 64GB NAND flash memory chip to be mass produced in Q1 of 2010.

No doubt during the course of next year we can expect to hear that this new 64GB NAND flash memory will probably end up in both the 64GB and 128GB Apple iPhone, which is presumed will come sometime during the next six months or so.

There’s no word on just how expensive the Toshiba 64GB NAND flash memory ships will cost, although with the huge amount of chips Apple orders, cost shouldn’t be an issue.

Who knows, maybe the Toshiba 64GB NAND chip will lead to that Apple iPhone 4G everyone it talking about; and the chip can deliver up to 1070 hours of recorded music, 19.2hours of standard video, and 8.3 hours of HD video.


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  1. wikoogle says:

    720p Video Recording

    5.0 Megapixel Camera with Flash and a much much bigger lens so that it actually takes decent photos even in very low light situations

    Backlit OLED Screen with 720 x 480 Resolution

    Dual Core Snap Dragon 1.5 Ghz HD Capable Processor

    4G Capable

    Wifi N

    Bluetooth 3.0

    64 GB

    1 Ghz of Ram

    HD Antenna and TV Tuner (There are constantly hd tv signals being broadcast by ABC, NBC, CBS and Fox. Why not let us tap into those signals so that we can what hdtv on our phones wherever we are)

    HD Radio Tuner

    HDMI TV Out/Projector Out So We Can Run High Res Movies & Slideshows Stored on Our Phone on our HDTVs.

    A Low Reflective Screen Mode For When You Wish To Read Ebooks On The iPhone

    Not as much real estate wasted on the front of the phone as current iPhones (The black part on the top and bottom of the iphone need to be much smaller, basically, almost all of the front of the phone should be the screen) It’s ugly how much space/real estate is wasted on the current design of the front of the iPhone

    Front facing camera so that we could make videocalls, atleast while connected to Wifi N

    iChat Support

    Flash Support (I want to access hulu from my iphone damn it!)

    RFID Chip

    IR Chip (so that you can use it as a universal remote)


    Over the air sync with Macs, Apple TV, PC Servers etc, so that we can stream HD Videos off of our PCs to our iPhones anytime we have WiFi Access, and Can Even Stream HD Content from Our Phones to our HDTVs

    Touch-sensitive places at all corners (at left and right of home button and top right and top left) (so you can use an app without blocking your view with your hands and it would be a great improvement like ‘scrolling’ or something like that) with easy turn on and off like double tap in corners at the same time (you won’t have an ‘accident double tap at two corners at the same time

    Louder Dual Speakers (I’m sick of accidently covering up the speaker while playing games)

    A sexy looking gamepad addon that adds dual analog sticks and dual triggers to the iPhone so that gaming on the iPhone actually becomes FUN

    Available for T-mobile, Sprint, Verizon & AT&T

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