Microsoft Windows Mobile 7 late 2010 release, why?

We have said previously that Microsoft Windows Mobile 7 is definitely coming but not until the end of 2010, well many of you may be asking the same thing as us “Why?”

There are a few reasons really; the platform needs to see a major refresh and Microsoft has admitted its delays for this new platform for the next-generation version of the operating system. Phil Moore, Microsoft’s UK head of mobility has said “It has been put back until late next year but it is definitely coming”.

They want you to experience more flexibility on a much easier touch UI to get the best out of the OS, this means that they are still working on bringing you an operating system that works well and this is why it is best to release at a very later date instead of an earlier one.

It has been said that a Q4 release is more realistic than a Q3 release now; we will keep you posted on everything to do with Microsoft Windows Mobile 7.

Source — WMPoweruser via Pocket-Lint

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