Windows Mobile 7 Pushed Back Till Late 2010

The Android platform is spreading like wildfire across the mobile phone arena and according to an article over on fierce developer, the gap between Google’s Android and Microsoft’s Windows Mobile platform is widening more and more as the months pass.

Many mobile phone manufacturers have jumped abroad the Android express while software developers shift their efforts towards creating Android applications, and thus the Windows Mobile platform seems to be becoming irrelevant.

Apparently last week analyst Mark Anderson remarked that it is time to declare that Microsoft is a loser in phones, he says phones are consumer items and Microsoft doesn’t have consumer DNA.

During the Connect! Tech summit in London, Phil Moore, Microsoft’s UK head of mobility admitted they are still playing catch-up; when Apple came onto the scene a few years ago it threw away the rule book and reinvented it, and Microsoft doesn’t have that luxury.

Moore has also declared that Windows Mobile 7 has been put back to late 2010, but it is definitely coming. Moore says we will see a lot more on Windows Mobile 7 which will give consumers and enterprise users what they want, flexibility on a much easier touch user interface.

So there it is, no Windows Mobile 7 until late sometime next year, but will it be too late for Windows Mobile 7 then as Android steams ahead?


One thought on “Windows Mobile 7 Pushed Back Till Late 2010”

  1. Jenko says:

    I don’t think anyone in their right mind would buy a phone that runs the Windows Mobile operating system, given that software developers and handset OEMs are jumping off the sinking Windows Mobile ship (and going to Android).

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