Should Google rival Apple iPhone have Microsoft Bing?

Thinking about Microsoft’s move to shove Bing to the iPhone could well be a precurser of a much wider move by Apple way from Google to it’s old rival. A vice president at Interpret Michael Gartenberg, has said that the Bing app is a wise move on Microsoft’s part.

The reason for this belief is to do with the popularity of the iPhone together with the importance of mobile search and mobile location based devices. He also believes that Apple may well have the advantage in steering away from depending on Google too much for mobile services.

Apple fans would lead you to believe that the only enemy which faces Apple in the world is Microsoft. There are various things that would have you thinking that things between Google and Apple are cooling off. A couple of years ago Google was just providing a set of services for Apple and of course the iPhone.

Bing actually works rather well on the iPhone interface, and shows Apple what the search engine is capable of. It seems that Apple is starting to dislike Google and the companies image is built on attacking Microsoft. Source – theinquirer.net

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