Will Google Nexus One Debut in UK?

That is a big question, and one that has come up because the Google Nexus One smartphone is rumoured to be manufactured by HTC and as HTC has a history of debuting devices in the United Kingdom, reports an article over on top10.co.uk.

They speculate that as HTC usually release new handsets in the UK first then basically there is no reason why the Google Nexus One shouldn’t take the same route and debut here before anywhere else.

Apparently commentators believe that the UK could well be the first region to get hold of the Android 2.1 packing Google Nexus One when Google puts it on general release, while some believe the name will also be changed from Nexus One.

I have to say that having the Nexus One release in the UK first would be kind of cool, although if it did I have a feeling Google would quickly make the Nexus One available elsewhere as well.

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