Smartphone users are bypassed by Verizon WiFi Program

Apparently according to an article over on information week, Verizon Wireless has put out a new WiFi hotspot program for their mobile broadband customers, which actually isn’t available to smartphone users.

Apparently customers now get to transfer more data without the worry of the typical 5GB a month cap as the hotspot transfers will not count against your monthly usage limit, but smartphone users are not afforded the same benefits.

What’s needed is a monthly mobile broadband plan along with a MiFi, PC Card, netbook brought from Verizon or USB dongle and access will take several steps which I won’t go into detail here as there are for a computer.

Unfortunately with this new Verizon program the smartphone owner is cut right out even though you have probably forked over more cash for your smartphone and data plan than any dongle or USB device. It’s a bit of a slap in the face for Verizon smartphone owners, but maybe Verizon will eventually come up with the same type of program for them in the near future.