Has Verizon Made Deal with Microsoft for Bing Only?

It appears that numerous BlackBerry smartphone users on the Verizon network are having all their search engine options removed from their handsets and finding that the only remaining option for them is Microsoft’s Bing reports an article over on crackberry.

Several post have hit the crackberry forums note this sudden change and even the official Verizon forums is being hit with similar posts from unhappy BlackBerry users who are not too pleased with apparently stealth change by Verizon.

It seems that for some so far unannounced reason Verizon only wants their BlackBerry smartphone users to use Bing as the sole search engine with the likes of Google, Wikipedia, Live Search all being removed.

So the question is has Verizon struck some kind of deal with Microsoft to only allow the Bing search engine on their devices and thus forcing users to use Bing?

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