Getting Hot iPhone clone wars

There is some new evidence emerging that shows iPhone clones are getting a second wind, just as it seemed like none of the iPhone copycats that have been seen hitting the markets, actually stood a chance against Apple’s smartphone.

Over the past 14 months, there has been more and more iPhone lookalikes out there , first we had HTC’s G1 in back in October 2008. Then we had the BlackBerry Storm, closely followed by the Palm Pre, then the G2, the Storm 2 and most recently we have had the Motorola Droid.

Next it looks like we can expect to see Google launching it’s very own smartphone in the near future.
The iPhone still remains top of the list, despite other mobile devices competing by offering iPhone features such as touchscreen, fast web access and the ability to run third party apps.

Palm and BlackBerry maker Research In Motion announced on Thursday that quarterly smartphone sales have soared well past expectations. Rim’s 10.1 millions shipments also beat analysts estimates of 9.6 million and Palm’s 783,000 beat forecasts of 700,000. Source – money.cnn.com


2 thoughts on “Getting Hot iPhone clone wars”

  1. Justa Notherguy says:

    Is this the most pathetic blog run by semi-literate douchebags or am I missing one, somewhere else?

  2. Remon says:

    iPhone clones? What iPhone clones? Name one thing other than a screen that any of the phones you mention have in common with the iPhone.