Who can Handle the iPhone? Verizon can

Verizon Wireless has been waiting for long enough for the Apple iPhone, currently available for purchase in the US from AT&T. The carrier had stated a few months back that it planned to add the iPhone to it’s offering during the ongoing year.

Nothing is actually official yet, but it does now seem that it may well happen soon, as soon as AT&T
Lose the exclusivity on the device. Some recent reports suggest that Verizon might actually get the iPhone, although no exact details are available yet as to when the exclusivity with AT&T will end.

As many of you may already know, the carrier has been very hard at work, with enhancing it’s network all over the United States, some think that this is in fact the sign for a future launch of the iPhone. Verizon’s Chief Technology Officer Anthony Melone said recently that things are already in place.

He also stated that they are prepared to support that traffic, referring to the massive amount of data traffic that iPhone users generate. It has been suggested that just one average iPhone user generates ten times more data traffic than an average smartphone user. Source – softpedia.com

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