Video: Unusual LG eXpo Projector Phone Unboxing

If you are waiting to get hold of the LG eXpo smartphone with its add-on pico projector, you’ll want to know all about its features and perhaps take a look at the projector in action. Well you can do this today as we have a rather unusual unboxing video for your viewing pleasure.

The LG eXpo unboxing video doesn’t go the usual route with the traditional unboxing but rather puts it in a more reality type environment, when you check out the video below you’ll see what I mean.

The unboxing video of the LG eXpo lasts just over five minutes and delivers a concise rundown of just about everything the LG eXpo has to offer and you get to see that pico projector in action showing the trailer of Avatar, so its worth hitting up just for that.

Not a great deal more to say as the LG eXpo unboxing video courtesy of the guys over at intomobile basically says it all, so I’ll leave you to check it out and enjoy.


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  1. coolfx35 says:

    I just purchased the LG eXpo online so I should have it in the upcoming week. Currently I have the LG Incite, It’s a great device, but it’s time to move on to something more powerful. I currently have my Dark Wolf 28014 rom loaded on http://www.LG-eXpo.com I’m hoping to cook up some really good roms for this phone. I prefer the 6.5.1 interface with the start menu on the bottom of the screen and would love to port it to this phone.

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