Nexus One or iPhone 2010?

As the rumour says, the Google Nexus One smartphone will see launch in January 2010, and no doubt many of the Android faithful will rush out to get it which will probably make the Nexus One a success at the beginning of 2010.

However, can Google maintain sales of the Nexus One throughout 2010 when Apple delivers the iPhone 2010? The Nexus One may garner all the attention for now, and maybe for the following months, but as soon as an inkling that Apple is ready to push out the iPhone 2010 my bet is all eyes will turn in Apple’s direction

The Nexus One may well be a great smartphone, it may well pack the latest Android operating system, it may well be offered unlocked, but then over here in the UK one doesn’t find it too difficult to get an unlocked iPhone either.

When a new iPhone hits the net waves it draws immense interest, there is an enormous amount of iPhone faithful out there in the mobile world, and no doubt iPhone 2010 is on its way, and once that happens will Google be able to maintain the interest in the Nexus One or does Google have something else up their sleeve to deal with the iPhone 2010?


4 thoughts on “Nexus One or iPhone 2010?”

  1. Dave says:

    Exactly. All the android smart phones are doing is catching up to the soon-to-be-replaced iPhone 3G/S.

    My contract is up this summer and–considering my base of installed apps–I can’t see anything that would pull me away from the 2010 iPhone.

  2. It’s not about the phone, it’s about the OS (operating system). In the end, there will be more phones running the Android OS than phones running the IPhone OS. It’s going to be a repeat of the Windows vs. Mac situation. This time it will be phones. Nothing can kill the IPhone. That’s not the mission. The mission is to make Android the dominate phone OS.

    That’s it….

  3. Ronda says:

    Why is the Droid’s default screen that giant, nasty X? Looks like what would be displayed if your system crashed and couldn’t be restarted.

    Who thinks of this stuff?

  4. kyle says:

    I would love to see iphone 2010, also would love to see more competition, but i swear if apple comes in 2010 with the same look and same processing system im gladly switching to android as theyre phones are many styles. maybe apple should do the same? theyve had the same type of one phone for the past 4 years…time to change

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