Christmas BOGO Offer on all Smartphones with T-Mobile

It looks as if T-Mobile has got into the Christmas spirit as according to an article over on the boy genius report, T-Mobile is now running a buy one get one free offer on any smartphone, yes that’s right “any smartphone.”

Apparently all one is required to do to qualify for this festive season promo is activating two new lines. This offer means potentially one can purchase say a HTC Touch Pro 2 and get a BlackBerry 8520 for free, or purchase a BlackBerry Bold 9700 and get a myTouch 3G free and those are just some combinations.

One does have to say though that apparently this BOGO promo only runs until the 20th of December and varies by region, such as in LA the promo isn’t running but in NYC it is so make sure you check first, but who knows if you walk into your local T-Mobile store and let them know then maybe they’ll match the promo.

The T-Mobile BOGO is better than Verizon’s Droid BOGO promo simply because with Verizon the only option is a free HTC Droid Eris, while with T-Mobile running the promo across all smartphones you at least get a choice.