HTC Droid Eris Goes BOGO with Verizon for Christmas

If you are still on the lookout for that Christmas Droid deal then you may like to know that Verizon Wireless is again running their famed Buy One Get One Free Promo on the HTC Droid Eris reports the BGR.

Same deal as previous on this one, purchase a Verizon Droid and you’ll get an HTC Droid Eris free gratis, although you will require a 2 year contract on both smartphones.

So just so potential Christmas Droid hunters can take advantage, Verizon Wireless is now reopening the BOGO HTC Droid Eris deal as of right now and will end on Christmas Eve, so if you missed it last time round now’s your chance.

Well if you’ve been hanging on to get yourself a Verizon Droid and still have that special Christmas present to get; an HTC Droid Eris would be a good present so why not grab it for free.