Google Nexus One now Supported by DoubleTwist

Looks like the software guys are accepting the new Google Nexus One smartphone is gone to be a big thing, and are taking steps to make sure they support the new handset.

According to an article over on android and me, desktop sync software DoubleTwist has now updated their Windows client with support for the Nexus One.

According to the changelog, DoubleTwist now features an integrated Amazon MP3 music store, although presently only users with a United States credit card can buy stuff from said store; Suooprt for the Nexus One Android phone, and re-import Windows Media Player and iTunes playlists (in the Preferences dialog.)

Not too sure if this is the first to add support for the Google Nexus One but it clearly states it does so, but one thing’s for sure no doubt more will follow and add support as well.

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