Google Nexus One Top Ten Rumours

Yep there are a few rumours floating about over the Google Nexus One, and just so you don’t lose track of said rumours running through the rumour mill the guys over at zdnet have now come up with the top ten rumours for the Google phone.

So let’s see what they are… in at number 10 is the actual Google phone name, Nexus One which thanks to a recent video doesn’t appear to be a rumoured name any longer as the handset does show Nexus One.

Number 9 gives us the rumour that the Nexus One is actually the HTC Passion, one thing is for sure, HTC has made the hardware and not Google, and judging by the images hitting the net the Nexus One does have a strong resemblance to the HTC Passion.

In at 8 is the Nextus One will pack the 1GHz Snapdragon processor, 800 x 480 touch screen and 5 megapixel camera, well as the Motorola Droid sports much the same there’s always the possibility the Nexus One will sport much the same.

7 brings us the rumoured software of Android 2.1 Flan, which the guys say they are betting the Nexus One will sport Android 2.1 but possibly not the Flan version.

Number 6 rumour is the rumour that the Nexus One will not use a conventional network for voice call but will opt for VoIP and all one will require is a data plan along with a WiFi or 3G network, a rumour fuelled by Goggle’s acquisition of gizmo5, but the guys are doubtful on this rumour.

Half way at 5 is the Nexus One will deliver faster speed than 3G by using a WiMAX radio, and they say such a rumour isn’t supported by FCC leaks so again is doubtful.

Moving on to rumour 4 is that the Nexus One can function as a wireless router like Verizon’s MiFi, which they believe they can’t see T-Mobile going the same route as Verizon, so doubtful again.

Rumour 3 is Google.com will offer the Nexus One on January the 5th for $199, actually there are 2 rumours on this one, one is the $199 price is a subsidised price on a T-Mobile 2 year agreement, while the other is that Google will subsidise the handset themselves, but as Jan 5 isn’t that long away we’ll soon know for sure.

Sitting at 2 is that each attendee at Google I/O 2010 will gain a free Nexus One, which basically follows on Google giving away the Google Ion last year. Obviously giving away free handsets is good business so maybe this one is true.

And finally sitting in the number 1 slot is that the Nexus One isn’t real but in fact is just a rumour started by Apple. The reason possibly to cause a rift between Google and Android partners such as Verizon and Motorola. The number one rumour obviously isn’t real but you got to hand it to whoever started it, it’s a good one.

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