CES 2010 Invitation from Palm

Back at CES 2009, Palm made waves with their announcement of the Palm Pre smartphone and their webOS, well now according to an article over on palminfocenter; Palm is hosting CES 2010 and is sending out invites.

One wonders just what Palm can come up with this time round at CES 2010 which begins on January the 7th until January the 10th at the Venetian Hotel.

The thing is Palm needs to come up with something big in the mobile phone arena to compete not only with the iPhone, but now also with the likes of the Motorola Droid and the reportedly upcoming Google Nexus One.

Simply updating the Palm Pre and Palm Pixi won’t cut the mustard if Palm wants to continue battling in the mobile arena, they need something new and exciting, so maybe Palm can surprise us all at CES 2010.

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