New 2010 smartphones like iPhone, Google Nexus will wipe-out computers soon

The smartphone world is ever evolving as more and better technology is incorporated into smartphones and with the arrival of Google’s new baby, the Google Nexus One, it just may herald the turning point, and lead to the demise of the personal computer.

That’s what an article on nj.com believes anyway. They say the time of the PC is over and now is the moment of the mobile phone, and Google knows where the action is and it’s not the computer.

They speculate that by 2015 maybe people won’t have much use for a PC and Google stepping into selling and designing a phone rather than a computer signals a clear move towards using phones over PCs for computing tasks and that maybe within 5 years people will shun their PC in favour of their smartphone for checking just about everything.

They go as far as to say, although this may sound absurd to some, it is already happening with people using such devices as the iPhone, and other existing Google powered devices; people are opting to do more on their mobile phone rather than use their computer.

So basically as I see it what they are saying is as people use their smartphone more and more there will be less need to use a laptop or desktop, and the Nexus One takes this a step closer, although I do have to say that I can’t really see the smartphone taking the place of the computer entirely because if you are like me, screen size on a laptop or desktop is a big plus.


One thought on “New 2010 smartphones like iPhone, Google Nexus will wipe-out computers soon”

  1. Sean says:

    I think this is very realistic. With the standard moving towards Mini USB, whats to stop a line of standard docking stations? When I have the amount of computing power I need in my phone, but can dock to a full sized keyboard and monitor to do more involved projects, sign me up!

    The real news here may be the demise of Microsoft. There are usually only room for three major competitors in the market on any given product. Microsoft’s mobile platform has failed to gain traction. They may be locked out by Apple, Google and RIM.

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