Google Nexus One aka HTC Passion: Your debates please!

Undoubtedly the main news on the blogosphere is all about the new Android 2.1 Google Nexus One. Since Google handed out numerous Nexus One handsets to their employees for testing, report after report has hit the net as excitement grows over this new smartphone.

It has been said that the Google Nexus One is also the HTC Passion, but when the handset was only known as the HTC Passion there wasn’t this much commotion, so it would seem that the main interest here is that it comes from Google and that it has been surmised that Google will offer the Nexus One as an unlocked handset.

There is always an excited interest when a new smartphone comes to notice, but it seems that since the HTC Passion is now known as the Nexus One that interest has really taken off even though very little detail has so far surfaced. One could go as far as to say the Nexus One is receiving interest comparable with that of a new iPhone.

But no matter what is reported it all depends on what the public think, they read the reports, the rumours and the reviews and make their own judgments. So with this in mind, we’d like to know our readers views on the Google Nexus One; will it be all they say it will, will it be better than the iPhone and other smartphones? Or maybe take the iPhone’s smartphone crown? Or is it all just hype over a new Android handset? Therefore we invite you to post a comment and open a debate on the Nexus One.


7 thoughts on “Google Nexus One aka HTC Passion: Your debates please!”

  1. Azeo says:

    This phone already looks good. I mean it is the sexiest phone that I’ve seen to date. Let’s just hope it doesn’t pull an Omnia and pop its head out in August and then wait untill December to deliver the goods.

  2. MJones says:

    Real Android fans were just as excited about the prospect of an HTC Touch HD2 LIKE phone running Android. Renaming it has only garnered new interest among those that carry RIM, Apple or WM devices.

  3. Joe Procopio says:

    we still don’t know what this handset will look like…if it is just the Bravo with no HTC branding…it won’t be much……if it is HD2 like with a 4.3″ screen, Android 2.1, etc…it will be something. I refuse to think Google would offer the same exact phone that HTC is going to sell to multiple vendors…to be a game changer as they (people) are saying, it has to be better than what will be available through the normal outlets.

  4. ghos says:

    I’ve been waiting for an android phone from HTC with a qwerty, but this might be too good to pass up on, especially if all the rumors are true, and they better be or else there will be a LOT of angry people out there

  5. Cappidad says:

    So what do I do? Return my Droid to Verizon while I’m still in the 30-day window and wait to check out Nexus One? Or keep on truckin’ with the Droid? Hmmm?

  6. Droidz says:

    A smartphone that is sold unsubsidized (unlocked) will never dethrone the iPhone. Not that I think this is a bad device or I don’t want to see this happen. However, there are other phone providers selling their own devices rather then letting a provider subsidize them (Nokia) and we already can see how well that is going in the states. I don’t know too many people looking to drop $500 – $800 for a phone. Good luck with that dethroning.

  7. Azeo says:

    I’ve decided to go with communicator Omnia II (I8000) based purely on looks alone. I just like the gloss finish. I am not waiting one more day and im only guessing the Nexus is gonna have a dull finish on it.

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