Verizon Upgrades Network in Anticipation of iPhone

Does Verizon expect to gain the iPhone? Apparently they do as they say they are up to the task as they have upgraded their network to handle the extra traffic that would come by offering the Apple iPhone, reports an article over on business week.

Apparently, Anthony Melone, Verizon Wireless’ Chief Technology Officer has stated that they have put things in place and are prepared to support that traffic, and says Verizon’s equipment would do a better job catering to the heavy data demands of iPhone customers.

Although Verizon has in the past discussed partnerships with Apple execs, Melone would not address the prospect of a deal for Verizon to offer the iPhone.

However, if Verizon has indeed made alterations so they can cope with the heavy demand the iPhone brings, perhaps Verizon is more in the know than they are letting on?

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