Google Nexus One has 5 Pane Home Screen like Sense

Some lucky people are already gaining some nice hands-on time with the Google Nexus One smartphone, one such person is tnkgrl, who has now reported what they have found out about some of the details with the Nexus One.

They state that the Google Nexus One is extremely thin, a 1400mAh battery, sports a display which appears to be OLED with the same size and resolution as the Motorola Droid and is also faster, works on T-Mobile USA 3G, but no 3G on AT&T only EDGE.

The Nexus One is definitely unlocked, lacks a dedicated camera key, has a 5 pane home screen much like the Sense interface on the HTC Hero, doesn’t use VoIP for voice calls and calls are routed in the normal way.

Tnkgrl also says that the Google Nexus One is much nicer than in the pictures and the low light performance is decent however the flash is somewhat weak, and there is no multi-touch support in the browser or Google Maps.

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