Palm WebOS 1.3.5 Confirmed as one its way

It has been confirmed by CEO Jon Rubinstein, during an investors conference call that webOS 1.3.5 is on its way and will arrive soon sporting several new improvements according to an article over at precentral.

Apparently webOS 1.3.5 will include the allowance for instillation of more applications, improved battery life, increased responsiveness and speed for the Palm Pixi, and enhanced application performance and WiFi.

Also Rubinstein also expressed confidence about the long term on webOS 1.3.5 and that he expects is will open the door for thousands of webOS applications.

Rubinstein also mentioned about launching with new carrier partners, and as for the future he says Palm doesn’t believe in large portfolios of products as their focus is having a small family of great products.

So in other words don’t be expecting any new smartphone from Palm in the near future.