New Mobile Phone Battery Standard Revision in the works

The word is the IEEE Standard Association has now approved work to start on revising the IEEE Std 1725 Standard for mobile phone rechargeable batteries which addresses the reliability and quality of rechargeable lithium ion polymer and lithium ion batteries for mobile phone applications reports businesswire

Chair of the Cell Phone Battery Working Group, Jason Howard has said that since 2006 when IEEE Std 1725 was first approved, the cellular industry has grown tremendously, and now it is time for a review and revise the standard so it covers the latest developments in industry knowledge and battery tech.

The standard, in addition to setting criteria for design analysis for qualification, reliability, quality, the standard also addresses such things as battery pack electrical and mechanical construction, cell level charge and discharge controls, packaging tech, and overall system considerations.

In Washington DC, on the 16 to 18 of February 2010 the Cell Phone Battery Working Group will hold their first meeting to review and refine their procedures and processes along with nominating and electing the group’s officers, and also review the existing standard.

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