Preparing for the iPhone Verizon Wireless who knows?

It looks like the rumours surrounding Verizon and iPhone are never going to stop, and whilst many of you Big Red subscribers would surely love to see the iPhone on your network, it doesn’t really look like it is any nearer to actually happening.

Back when AT&T picked up the iPhone, some would argue that they were not actually ready for it with the obvious massive spike in data usage and as a consequence they have taken a bit of a beating over that.

As we all know the other popular rumor regarding AT&T losing its exclusivity deal with Apple soon is a hot topic of conversation. Verizon Wireless Chief Technology Officer Anthony Melone told Business week, “we have put things in place already, and we are ready to support that traffic“.

As you all know the iPhone only comes in one flavor, UMTS, and analysts think that a CDMA phone isn’t very practical when you look at the direction of Verizon’s technology. Would this mean then that the build out of LTE is being done much more rapidly. Source – boygeniusreport.com


One thought on “Preparing for the iPhone Verizon Wireless who knows?”

  1. Ronda says:

    So the official, public statement by Verizon’s Chief Technology Officer (Anthony Melone) stating that the Verizon network *IS* getting ready for the iphone… is just a “rumor” to you????

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