Coming to Verizon early 2010 three smartphones

Great news here as we have heard that Verizon Wireless may well be turning up the heat again with the addition of not one but three new smartphones said to be in early 2010.

The group of new phones is rumoured to include the Windows Mobile powered LG VS750m, the Motorola Devour A555 and the Palm Pre Plus. The LG VS750 is actually LG’s first smartphone offering for Verizon Wireless and runs Windows Mobile 6.5 with both GSM and CDMA for global roaming.

A great phone for those business travellers in our midst. The Motorola A555 Devour is otherwise known as the Motorola Calgary which we first heard about a year ago. The Devour is expected to arrive early in 2010 and is the Droid’s baby brother. It is expected to run on Android 2.1, MOTOBLUR and have a 3 megapixel camera.

The we have the Palm Pre Plus, which will be Verizon’s first webOS device, and is probably the main reason for Verizon’s new online training course touting the benefits of Palm and webOS. Unfortunately we are unaware at the moment as to what the addition of the word Plus actually means Source – boygeniusreport.com


One thought on “Coming to Verizon early 2010 three smartphones”

  1. Julie Featherstrom says:

    I can’t believe that LG is releasing yet another phone that requires a stylus-pen because it runs the old Windows Mobile software. The stylus belongs in the 1990s. No phone should be using it today.

    The other 2 phones look good: The Motorola Devour, which runs Android, and the Palm Pre Plus running webOS. At least webOS has a very nice interface.

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