What would you change about the Motorola Droid?

Some would say it is nothing other than the anti-iPhone or the phone that does!. It is definitely the first device from Motorola that we have seen in years that is so inspiring.

Of course we are talking about the Motorola Droid, Verizon Wireless have spent all kinds of money to hype up this amazing Android 2.0 handset, as the phone to get if AT&T’s 3G coverage was a bit too weak for your liking. It would seem at the least though that it was decently effective.

We know that the phone did have it’s teething problems but we are please to say that most of those annoying quirks have been taken care of thanks to firmware updates. Still it seems though that some are still not happy and content with the device.

So that is the question, if you were in charge of redesigning this thing? What would you change about it? Is it the Slide out QWERTY keyboard, would it be something to do with the display? Have a think and let us know what you would really like to change. Source –mobile.engadget.com


5 thoughts on “What would you change about the Motorola Droid?”

  1. C.S. Hoff says:

    I wouldn’t change much, really.

    A little slimmer/lighter would always be a welcome change.

    I wish I had more control of the calendar view/widgets for free – either through a Market app, or settings.

    But, mostly, I wish my corporate enterprise would support this phone so I only had to carry one device. The Droid would be it.

  2. Probably the flat keys on the keyboard, enable multitouch. I downloaded dolphin browser because it supports multitouch, also the keys at the bottom of the screen i always acidently hit and a search pops up. Dedicated call keys a better camera one thats autofocus doesnt sound like its not working right.

  3. pamela says:

    The droid’s camera cast an awfully bright flash. The high resolution flash creates a whiteout appearance on the picture that you are taking. I can’t figure out how to dim the flash.

  4. Michael says:

    The slide out keyboard arrangement: The keys are too tightly packed togehter, possibly cause by the big knob on the right. Do away with the knob; have something like the slide of Samsung Omnia Pro 7610

  5. damian says:

    Now before I say anything I love my droid 🙂
    Well first of all the screen could be a little bit wider which would make a substantial differnce in the onscreen keyboard spacing, also the dpad could have more feel to it since motorola decided to make room for one(a touch sensitive dpad if possible) aswell as putting a better processor in the device to compete with googles upcoming phone which may have a probable snapdragon installed.
    All in all its a potential loss for motorola.
    Unless the phone is further improved through firmware updates to keep up with new phones seeing as they want the phone to be a big competitor

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