2020 smartphone technology and mobile access

As we all know mainframe computers did successfully acknowledge the possibility of life in the 2000s, I’m sure most of us clearly remember all the hype surrounding the Y2K bug, and the predictions that never actually materialized.

In the 10 years that followed, the whole world changed from being held hostage to very dated technology to being empowered by a huge wave of new technology advances. We had the MP3’s and iPods, digital photography became affordable, the life changing extremely addictive BlackBerry and major advances in telecommunications.

The one advance that really took us all by storm was the high speed internet, which has led to mass migration online and endless technology change that just sneaked onto our everyday lives.
Remember the days when airline tickets were made of paper?, what about the large amount of paranoia that followed online banking?

Whether you like it or not, it’s been great for the businesses using it. If you had asked the question do you use the internet some 10 years ago you may have had a few hands raised in a room of 100 people. But now it seems whatever you do or whoever you are the internet really is part of everyday life. Source – technology.canoe