Video: AT&T Apple iPhone Connection Problems

Following recent iPhone connection problems AT&T have apparently contacted TiPb to state that infrastructure spending is not the reason for the iPhone connection problems.

Saturday Night Live’s weekend report at the weekend sideswiped iPhone’s reported network problems the latest in a long series of mainstream reporting on the issue. It was also reported this week that Google will soon be launching it’s own cellphone which some would say is a challenge to the iPhone.

Perhaps another challenge to the iPhone at the moment is the issue of making calls? Nobody knows for sure who is to blame or whether or not it is AT&T’s fault, or perhaps a combination of how AT&T’s network and the iPhone actually work together.

AT&T were quite happy and content to increase the data revenue, but at the same time decreased infrastructure investment all in the name of shareholder’s value, it is a lot harder to ignore bad publicity than it is unhappy consumers. Source – theiphoneblog.com

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