Super Bowl 2010 and Motorola Droid Commercial

Over in the good ole US of A, the Super Bowl is a massive event, and like most massive events anyone wanting to grab a thirty second advertising spot had better have a rather large bank account as a 30 sec hit costs roughly $2.5 to $3 million.

However, according to an article over on i4u, Motorola has the cash for such an event as is apparently stomping up the required amount to run a Motorola Droid Super Bowl 2010 commercial.

So it would appear that the Droid advertising campaign isn’t simply going to languish and will continue to assault its competitors such as the iPhone and possible the Nexus One when it hits.

One does have to say though that Motorola hasn’t offered any confirmation either way on whether they will launch a Motorola Droid Super Bowl 2010 commercial, so for now it should be treated as a rumour, would make quite a large splash in the mobile world if they did though.

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