Mobile Phone Texts may soar this Christmas and New Year

Christmas time and New Year is probably the heaviest time for mobile phone texting, and according to an article over on pocket-lint, Orange is predicting a “bumper crop” of picture and texts messaging on Christmas Day and the New Year.

Obviously this time of the year is going to get real busy with texting as people unwrap presents and want to send pictures and Christmas well wishes, and then there’s the huge Happy New Year texts.

Last year saw Orange break their record with in excess of 100 million texts and over 1 million picture messages send on Christmas Day and they expect those number to be more this year, with picture messaging expected to be busiest hitting about 1.1 million.

Last New Year 106 million texts were sent and this year even more are expected as records are broken with an expectation of some 120 million texts being sent; let’s hope none of those are sent while driving shall we.

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